Maternal Might by Sanhita Mukherjee

This book is about a surrogate mother . The emotions behind having been a surrogate mother are worth feeling. Everyone k nows that a surrogate mother is one who bears a child on behave of another . At the end of the pregnancy the baby is given.

In many cases legal agreement is drawn up.

So how does it feel to give away that baby? Welcome to Maternal mighty. A book about surrogate mother.

At the center is Fatima having two children. She is poor so when a person approaches her and her friends to be a surrogate mother she decides to go in for this .Her husband Moidul supports her.

But I wonder if a surrogate mother gets attached to the baby? How is it possible that keeping her baby in the fetus for 9 months, she can give the baby up? This is the state of poverty in some people I guess.

I felt sorry for Fatima . 

But Fatima has other daughters as well. May be that is why she can give up her baby.

At the other end are  Joshua and Abel . They stay in Israel. They are business owners and is also having physical make over  to do this. They decide to have Fatima baby. There are tears of emotion in this story. Fatima goes from poverty to prosperity.

The setting of  Fatima is Bangladesh

Here other books are Street facts and how to steal a pond. 


The Star and the shamrock By Jean Grainger

Courage and determination are two pillars of any given life. We need these two when we are dealing with covid

I found a book recently dealing with courage. We all have witnessed or read what Hilter did.

Image your kids are in danger. Would you risk everything? I would.

Ariella Bannon had married a jew. But peter her husband disappeared one day. He is believed to be dead. The Jewish community watched in horror as Hilter leased a reign of terror on the jews. Liesl and Erich are Ariella’s children. She is scared for them and for herself. Then she remembered that Peter had a cousin in Liverpool.

A family friend arranges for them to leave on Kindertranport.
But she could not find words to tell the children all this. Crying she put the photos of herself and Peter in the suitcase. 

Every Jews dreaded the knock on the door. It meant that you had done something wrong and could be taken away.
Imagine what she must have felt as she decides that the children must go to Elizabeth. 

If you were told to go to a country with new customs and language, would you not find that frightening. Liesel and Erich felt the same way when they found out that they were to live with Elizabeth.. But I got inspiration from all this.

The children came and started living with Elizabeth. Slowly but surely the children got adjuted to life in Liverpool.

The story is touching and to be read.